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Ben Affleck And Ex-Wife Jennifer Garner Have “Serious” Talk After Dropping Kids Off At School

The paparazzi have been following Ben Affleck around a lot lately because he provides some great content. The dude always looks mad, so the gossip world can turn any photo snapped into some big drama. It’s a win-win situation.

And it happened to Ben again on Wednesday morning when he was spotted dropping his kids off at school. Apparently, his ex-wife Jennifer Garner was also there, and after they said goodbye to their kids, she and Ben went back to her car to have a serious discussion.

As you can see from the photos, it does look rather tense…

But again, Ben’s face looks serious 98% of the time. I bet he has that same face when he’s cumming. He can’t help it, so who really knows how serious this conversation was.

These photos come just one week after Ben and Jennifer Lopez reportedly had an “intense” argument before walking the red carpet at the premiere of her new Netflix movie.

And while this photo does look bad, if you watch video from the incident, it actually doesn’t look that bad. They even give each other a kiss before departing.

So what’s the verdict here? Ben needs to work on his resting bitch face if he wants to put an end to the rumors that he’s constantly miserable and hating life.