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Taylor Swift Fans Launch “#SpeakUpNow” Campaign In Desperate Attempt To Get Her To Apologize For Boyfriend Matty Healy

It’s 2023, and apparently we’re still living in a time where a woman must apologize for the mistakes of her man. As most of you know, Taylor Swift is dating ‘The 1975‘ frontman, Matty Healy. And as we told you a week or so ago, Matty has some skeletons in his closet. You can click on this link to catch up.

T-Swift is 33-years-old. A full grown woman, so she can date whoever she wants, but her fans are beginning to question her judgement.

Actually, they’re doing more than just questioning. They are rallying. Some of her fans have penned an open letter to Swift and launched the #SpeakUpNow campaign. They are requesting Swift give “more than a simple apology” for the bigoted remarks made by Healy.

The letter reads:

Use your platform responsibly and intentionally. Advocate for inclusivity, celebrate diversity and promote empathy and understanding. Challenge harmful ideologies and inspire followers to join [her] in creating a more just and equitable world. By staying silent on Healy’s actions, you’re perpetuat[ing] hatred and contribut[ing] to systemic oppression.

Pretty wild. They want Swift to apologize for something her boyfriend said before they were even together? Naaah. Look. I get questioning Swift’s judgement, but that’s where it should end. The only one who should apologize for Healy’s remarks is Healy himself. No one else.

This is the danger of a parasocial relationship though. These fans believe they’re friends with Swift when she truly doesn’t even know they exist.

You just gotta have the mindset that every celebrity is a terrible person. You’ll never be disappointed then.