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Kanye West And His “Wife” Bianca Censori Showed Up To Church Looking Like Creatures From Another World

When your mother told you to put on your Sunday best, she probably didn’t have this in mind.

Kanye West and his “wife” Bianca Censori attended a church service in Los Angeles this past weekend, and instead of wearing typical church clothes, they opted for the weirdest outfits imaginable.

The 45-year-old rapper wore his favorite outfit of late, which is giant shoulder pads, a shirt that says “police” in a foreign language, tights, and sock shoes.

As for Bianca? Well, we don’t know what the hell she was wearing. She has some sort of padded ring around her neck, and it just looks so bizarre.

That’s what she’s wearing to church? Come on. How is she going to follow along to the scripture? Is Kanye just going to drop a bible inside her ring?

Obviously Twitter had fun roasting her outfit…



Honestly. I’m for it. Paparazzi shots have gotten so boring. At least Kanye and Bianca are giving them something to look at.