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Are Amber Rose And Chris Rock Dating? The Model Sets The Record Straight!

For the past several months, there have been romance rumors floating around comedian Chris Rock and model Amber Rose. The two stars were spotted in New York City together the day after Christmas.

They took a stroll around the city and then made their way back to his swanky apartment. If you don’t remember hearing about this, here’s a photo to refresh your memory…

Ever since then, romance rumors have been following them around, but during a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Rose claims she and Rock are simply just good friends.

It was not [a date]. I’ve been friends with Chris Rock for, like, 13 years. We met for coffee. We talked some crap to each other. He made me laugh because he’s hilarious, and that’s our friendship. Just friendship.

Met for coffee the day after Christmas? That’s an odd time to just casually meet an old friend for a coffee, but hey, whatever. She pointed out how they weren’t holding hands or doing anything remotely intimate.

We were not holding hands, and we were obviously very separate. It just becomes unfair sometimes.

We suppose this checks out. After all, Rose has previously claimed she wants to be single for the rest of her life. She said she doesn’t want to share her house or life with anyone.

So there you have it. Rock ain’t hittin’ it!