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Kate Beckinsale Curiously Deletes All Photos From Her Mysterious Hospital Stay Just One Month Ago

What in the world is going on with Kate Beckinsale? We honestly have no idea. If you’ve been following along, then you’ll remember that around a month ago, she posted a string of photos on her Instagram featuring herself inside a hospital.

She did not reveal why she was inside the hospital. Sources claimed it was for an “unknown illness,” but it appears she was in there a good chunk of time.

And for some reason, she has gone back and deleted all the photos she snapped from inside the hospital.

While the actress’ feed used to feature several photos where she lounged in her hospital room, eagle-eyed fans noticed that she deleted all the pictures without any explanation earlier this week. The comments on her social media have also been limited; however, it’s unclear when the ‘Underworld’ actress made the change.

What’s crazy is that there was a solid month or two of her posting from the hospital. I mean, she was still inside the hospital on Easter.

What in the world would keep her in the hospital for so long? We have no idea, but maybe her deleting the photos means she’s getting better? Like she doesn’t want to be reminded of the pain?

She’s 50-years-old. That’s when health issues start popping up for a lot of people. Hopefully she’s on the road to recovery.