James Gandolfini Returns to HBO for a New Series

The Man who Made Sunday Nights Special

Finally Tony Soprano, ahem’ I mean James Gandolfini comes home.  HBO is working with Gandolfini on a show called “Big Dead Place”.  J.G. is not only the executive producer but he will be starring in the series.

I’m not that excited because it’s actually about the people working for the US Antarctic Program, a big stretch from a North Jersey Mob Boss.  The series will be based on Nicholas Johnson’s memoirs; Peter Gould will adapt them to fit the small screen.

Gandolfini has had a contract with HBO since 2006, but could not find a series that interested him enough.  I’m not sure why this one does, but just because he is and always will be Tony Soprano, it’s got my interest.  No date for the premiere has been released yet. 

We will get to watch Gandolfini’s executive production work soon in a biopic he is producing for HBO called Hemingway & Gellhorn starring Clive Owen and Nicole Kidman. 

I just can’t wait to see Tony back in action.  After “The Wire”, “The Sopranos”, “Sex and The city” and now “Entourage” leaving all leaving,  HBO better step it up…again.


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