Oprah and Her OWN Network take another blow as Gayle King Leaves for CB

You read it correctly, Oprah’s very best friend in the whole wide world, her BFF, her Ace is leaving.  The 56 year old has been given the opportunity of her life.  She was tapped to anchor the Early Show for CBS.

While not completely leaving OWN she will not be hosting her daily weekday program any longer.

OWN’s president (I believe the channels 3rd and 4th) Sheri Salata and Erik Logan wished Gayle the best.

‘We are so happy for Gayle’s opportunity of a lifetime. She’ll be a fantastic host for the new morning show on CBS and we wish her all the best.’

Charlie Rose will be doing double duty as he will continue to do his PBS show but also co-host with Gayle.

Due to low ratings of their current version of the Early Show, CBS decided to execute a complete overhaul.  The new show will begin quickly!  January 9th.  It will be a two hour show starting from 7 AM.  Rose will have the first hour and King will have the 2nd hour with Erica hill.

CBS hopes this more serious take on the morning show will gain ground on NBC’s “Today” and ABC’s Good morning America”.  The show is even losing against itself as ratings are down 6% from last year.

The big question is, What does Oprah HAVE TO SAY?  Her best friend and a somewhat decent program in a lack luster line up is leaving her channel.  She is already struggling.  If they are truly best friends as they appear, then they have discussed this at length and Oprah knew about this decision weeks ago and wishes her friend the best.  However, releasing a statement in support would have been nice.

So far nothing from the big “O” but we are waiting.



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