A Swole-Up Nick Cannon Posts a Video to Try & Set the Record Straight on His Health

You have to admit, that doesn’t look anything like the Nick Cannon that we know.  I saw that photo and thought he was still sick  After watching the video, it’s him, but he is looking crazy.

He is trying to calm everyone down, letting all the fans know that he is Ok, but for me he’s done the opposite.  Why the hell is he all swollen, like he got attacked by some angry bumble bees.  He doesn’t address that at all, in fact he say that he is almost 100%.  I remember him looking like the picture below, the guy in the video below sounds like Nick Cannon but sure as hell doesn’t look like him. 

Hopefully it’s all part of the recovery.  Nick is on the short list of true do-gooders…..for now.  We are rooting for your full recovery.  With your twins, Howard Stern coming to AGT, and Mariah getting her figure back, you got a lot to look forward to brotha!