Emily Maynard is next – ABC Keeps Up it’s Annoying Regurgitation of the Bachelorette.

You remember the chick that psycho Brad Womack chose.  Then surprise, surprise it didn’t work out.  First of all, the age difference was a huge red flag for me.  Brad is 38 and Emily is 25; two totally different mentalities, and it was obvious from the get go.   Then Brad got crazy when Emily wouldn’t get back with him.  He didn’t make her feel secure,

“I wanted to be married and have more children, but I doubted he was going to still want to be with me, As a single mom, I don’t have the luxury of saying “we’ll figure it out when we get there.” I need that reassurance that he’d want to be with me six weeks down the road much less six years.”


Remember how reluctant she was to move to Texas for Brad, well she ain’t moving for the Bachelorette either.  US Weekly reports that, they will be moving the show to her home town of Charlotte, North Carolina.  (Who is she Howard Stern??).

This will be the 8th season of the show, so they decided to switch things up and go to a new location.


Why does ABC continue to recycle.  Is it because they think they have a built in audience.  Well look at Ben?  He sucks.  No disrespect, but he’s boring, corny and predictiable.  That’s why he didn’t win last season, and now we are stuck with this loser for a whole new season.    I would much rather have some handpicked stud, ripped, rich and rude.  Same thing with the chick.  Someone without a kid, free, hard bodied and ready for romance. Part of the charm was both sides learning the process, now it’s jut old fodder.

ABC after  forcing us to watch “Work It” for two episodes, please don’t continue to screw up the Bachelor / Bachelorette franchise.  Because guess what…If you think you have built in fans for Emily, you probably have the same amount who can’t stand her.


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