Matt Lauer Signs a New Chunky Contract Wtih NBC, Seacrest Take Over Rumors are Squashed.

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Ryan Seacrest and Matt Lauer had everyone wondering if Seacrest was actually going to replace Lauer when in fact Seacrest was just announcing that he would be joining the NBC team to host the 2012 Olympics.  While Matt joked with Seacrest regarding a take over, he knew in the back of his mind that that was far from the truth.


Matt’s new salary is almost double his current $17 million.  Matt Lauer will be paid a staggering $30 million per year to remain as head anchor for NBC.  (The New York Post reports $25 Million)

The new contract also covers Matt’s commute from the Hamptons and he only has to do 4 days per week.



..and we are not talking about curry chicken my friends.  We are talking about Ann Curry.  According to TMZ Matt does not want her to be his co-host on the Today show.  The rumor is that part of his new contract was the promise of a new co-host.  Ann Curry has been in her roll for less than a year, replacing Meredith Vieira.

Steve Capus, NBC’s new Head man in charge, denies that Lauer’s contract contains any such clause.

“I’m the guy who signed the contract, Any suggestion of any provision of co-anchor is categorically untrue.”

What is known for sure is that since Curry’s take over the ratings have been on a steady decline.  The Today show used to smash Good morning America by 851,000 viewers, now it’s lead has been trimmed to 552,000 in less then a year.  This is a trend that Steve Capus will have to put an end to. Since Lauer is back, changing something to stop the trend would suggest a new co-host is likely.

So with a sigh of release, I can at least say, “Seacrest is OUT!”.



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