The Moesha Curse Continues as 4th Cast Member from the Hit Show Dies

cast of moesha the moesha curse

Is this your first time hearing about The Moesha Cast curse?  If you are superstitious or a conspiracy theorist then this is right up your alley.    It’s similar to that of Saturday night live.  Yvette Wilson’s death is the 5th person that had a recurring role on that show to die in just the last 10 years. The strange part isn’t that they all died, but they died way before their time.  None of them made it past their 51st birthday.  Even for me, this appears to be just a little more than coincidence and I’m as UN-superstitious as you can get.

Let’s take a closer look at the deaths, who died, and how they occurred and you can come up with your own conclusion.



Merlin Santana the 1st member of the Moesha Cast Curse to die

NAME: Merlin Santana
ROLE: Ohagi
AGE (at Time of Death): 26

Do you remember him from the Cosby show?  He played Stanley the kid that went to war with Kenny (aka Bud) for Rudy’s affection.  Santana went on to play Ohagi on Moesha before his most famous role as Romeo on the Steve Harvey Show.

HIS DEATH – Shot six times in South Los Angles

A girl by the name of Monique King told her boyfriend Damien Andre Gates (21 years old at the time) that Santana had raped her.  On November 9, 2002 Gates and another man named Brandon Douglas Bynes ( 25 years old at the time) found Santana and fellow child actor Brandon Quintin Adams (He played the little black kid in “The Sand Lot”), in a car together.

Brandon Quintin Adams - In the Car with Santana at the time of the shooting

Brandon Quintin Adams – In the Car with Santana at the time of the shooting

The car was shot six times.  Gates was responsible for firing the fatal shot that entered through the trunk. The bullet traveled from the rear of the car through the headrest and into Santana’s head killing him instantly.

During questioning related to the incident it was discovered that Monique King was lying and the whole entire thing was a set up.  Gates received 3 life sentences plus 70 years, Byrnes despite none of his bullets actually hitting the car, received 23 years and King received 8 years in a juvenile facility.  She was only 15.


Monique King was released for the time served in her role with Merlin’s death but since then she has had 2 misdemeanor arrests in Long Beach, CA.  She was sentenced back in Feb. 29, 2012 and served 20 days and was released.  She was then arrested again on March 10, 2012 in Hollywood.  She is now 26 years old and apparently still hasn’t learned.




Lamont Bentley the 2nd member of the Moesha Cast Curse to die

NAME: Artimus Lamont Bentley
ROLE: Hakeem Campbell
AGE (at Time of Death): 35

Bentley, another young talent was killed in a car accident.  He played Hakeem, the next store neighbor of Moesha, who bummed a ride to school and ate their food.

HIS DEATH – Car Accident

On January 19th 2005, Bentley was driving in the early morning on Highway 118 in Simi Valley at a high rate of speed.

His Mercedes –Benz was seen running through a stop sign, breaking through a chain link fence, going down an embankment and ejecting him from the vehicle.  He was struck by 5 cars before the authorities could get to him.  Initial tests showed no drugs or alcohols in his system.  He left behind two daughters.

Bentley was born in Milwaukee on Oct. 25, 1973. He is survived by two young daughters and his mother, who lived with him in Granada Hills.