Axl Rose Does a Faceplant During a Guns and Roses Performance at this Year’s Hellfest in France.

I give these old heads a lot of credit, but they can’t’ do what they used to do no matter how hard they try.  From Madonna to The Beach Boys these old rockers are going back on tour and Guns N roses was no exception.  They were headlining Hellfest in France when Axl Rose took a header on stage and landed on his face.  He was performing their classic “Sweet child O’ Mine” when he tried to jump onto a platform and falls face first.   The best part is he manages to hang on to the microphone, gets back up, and continues the song without missing a beat.  It’s an awkward fall and it definitely looks like it hurt.  Axl at age 50 is having a hell of a time on tour.  A few weeks ago he had $200K in jewelry stolen from him by a model.  I’m sure when this is over he’s going to want to do nothing but soak in a tub and count his money.

Watch the clip below.  If he isn’t physical bruised by the fall, most certainly his ego is.


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