Alec Baldwin Slams Paparazzo Against Car!

We all know Alec Baldwin and the media have never seen eye to eye. He’s been accused of punching a paparazzo before and of course he just recently went crazy on a journalist on Twitter.

It’s clear that Alec has a bit of a temper and that temper was on full display yesterday after a paparazzo tried to take pictures of Baldwin and his wife Hilaria just days after she gave birth to their daughter.

Apparently, it all started in Greenwich Village. Alec and his wife were walking down the street when some dude with a camera came up and tried to snap some photos of Hilaria’s post-pregnancy body. This annoyed Alec greatly, but according to a source, that isn’t what made him attack the guy.

Sources say the paparazzo was disrespectful and “instigated and even harassed” Baldwin’s wife. So, Baldwin did what any good husband would do and tried to beat the sh-t out of the dude. He grabbed the paparazzo and slammed him against a car as you can see in the photos down below…

The paparazzo is the one who called the cops out to the scene, but no one was arrested and neither of them is pressing charges. A rep for the NYPD told TMZ that Alec and the paparazzo both admit to shoving each other.

You know, I’ve been reading comments on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit and it seems like everyone is on Alec’s side on this. I find that a bit strange considering when Kanye West does something like this, he’s one step away from being a criminal.

Granted, Kanye West usually gets angry over some pretty silly sh-t, but it’s still all the same. You just can’t go around attacking people, no matter who you are. I’m not saying that something doesn’t need to be done about the paparazzi, but attacking them isn’t the way to go about it.

I think the perfect plan is to get a big group of really famous celebrities and have them walk down a street together. Sooner or later, every paparazzo in the business will show up and will be following the celebrities, right?

Well, since there are so many celebrities in front of them, they won’t be able to see the giant sinkhole that’s down the street. The celebrities will veer right at the last minute, missing the sinkhole, but the paparazzi won’t notice it in time and they’ll fall down the hole.

Problem solved, plus it will also eliminate the really stupid celebrities who forget to veer right.