Miley Cyrus Dating Mike Will Made It?

Just a couple of days ago we told you about Liam Hemsworth’s new hot girlfriend, and now it appears that Miley is moving on as well.

Star Magazine claims that Miley Cyrus is dating Mike Will Made It, or Michael Len Williams II, if you’re not into stupid stage names. Mike is a music producer who met Miley while working on her new album earlier this year.

Normally, we wouldn’t believe any stories coming from Star, but there is some proof that Miley and Mr. Made It are pretty close. Just last month they walked the red carpet for the Video Music Awards together. Sources say that they looked really comfortable together. Mike has also posted several “flirty” pictures of him and the twerking queen on his Instagram account.

A source told Star that “everyone knows they’re hooking up.” But the source also makes it clear that Miley did not cheat on Liam with Mike. Miley and Liam have been separated for awhile now, according to the source.

I wonder if Miley will change her name to, ‘Miley Will Made It’ if they end up getting married?