Tom Cruise Dating Donna From That ‘70s Show?

This might be the strangest dating rumor of the year. According to a British magazine, the 51-year-old star is head over heels for Laura Prepon, best known for her role as Donna from That ‘70s Show.

According to the magazine, 33-year-old Prepon went on a date with Cruise out in Los Angeles recently. They reportedly went out to eat at The Renaissance at The Manor Hotel, and Cruise went all out for their date.

Reports claim he picked her up in a classic car and gave her a vintage 1979 bottle of Merlot. Apparently, they met through Scientology and just couldn’t hold back their feelings for each other.


According to the report, they went out to eat at the same restaurant for a second date. And then they were seen together at a party at John Travolta’s house just a few days later.

It certainly sounds like there might be something going on here, right? Well, not according to Tom Cruise’s rep. He told E! News that the dating rumors are completely false.

Of course, the rep could just be looking out for Tom Cruise. Maybe they really are dating each other, but we have our doubts. It’s hard imagining this guy…

…dating this girl…