ac_harrystyles_comp – 09MAY2016

One Direction Fans Angry. Photo of Super-Hot Harry Styles with Short Hair is a Fake!

This is when the wheels fell off.  True fans know Harry’s voice and the video not only looks fake, but it looks creepy as hell!

After the truth came out, The Sun got in touch with Ellis and he said that it was all just jokes,

“I just uploaded it as bit of a laugh, I never expected it to blow up so quickly.  It’s very flattering that some people have believed it, Harry’s a good looking lad. 

It seems to have caused bit of a divide with One Direction fans, some want it to be real whilst others are pointing out all my flaws!  It’s funny reading the comments, One Direction fans are really passionate and loyal to the boys, it really shows with some of their comments.”

Now the whole world waits for the real Harry photo to emerge.  I guarantee it won’t be long.

And I can almost guarantee that fans won’t be disappointed.  Plus he’s 22 years old, if the short hair doesn’t look good, he can just grow it back!