KARMA! Big L’S Suspected Killer, Gerard Woodley, Gets Gunned Down on the Same Block (Details)


Gerard was 46 years old and had been suspected of committing 3 more homicides before he himself were killed.  Oddly enough Gerald was shot in the head and the back on West 139th Near Malcolm X Blvd on Thursday June 23rd.  Woodley was rushed to the Harlem Hospital and pronounced dead.

No motive and no suspect has been identified but as you can imagine, being a suspect in 3 homicides, you are probably not on everyone’s Christmas list.  One witness near bye that heard the shooting said,

“It was three shots fired. They were back to back.  They were pretty loud and I heard one scream.”


Woodley’s brother, Thomas Riley, said he suspects a Big L fan may have killed his brother, saying there’s an abundance of chatter online fingering Woodley as the rapper’s killer…and he’s right.  Even in the “Rap Genius” discussion board, people were posting links to Woodley’s Facebook page.

Even his mom knew that his life would catch up to him.  When she first heard about her son’s death, she only had one question,

Where was his bodyguard?

Unfortunately it wouldn’t have mattered.  No bodyguard is a match for KARMA!