Joe Budden Finally Fires Shots Directly at Drake and Meek…Meek Responds but only on Instagram! (Songs and Posts)

And Meek responds, ,although not lyrically.  What did you expect?  It took him forever to respond to Drake when he got bodied.

Meek Mill

He’s been dead since 2003 it’s evident …. We don’t talk to dead people unless they presidents


Now it’s Drake’s move.  He is arguably the best in the game (especially if you ask him) and in terms of record sells, he is at the top; and MCs battle MCs.  It’s what they do.  Obviously Drake has way more to lose then Budden, but he also has more resources than Joe.  If he comes for Joe like he did Meek, it would cement Drake’s place in many people’s top 10’s. Not mine, but many people’s.

It’s July 1, right before the 4th of July weekend.  If Drake responds fast enough, and well enough then we could be bumping his track instead of Joe’s at the family bar-b-que.  What are you waiting for Aubrey…let’s do this!