THEY CALL HIM CRAZY JOE! Watch What Joe Budden Does When Crazy Fans Run Up On Him In his Driveway!! (Insane Car Chase Video & 4th Drake Diss Track)

As the story was unfolding, I saw the Joe Budden’s  video of the car chase first.  I saw him get out the car and heard the taping of the rock on the windows but didn’t know what it was.  Then I heard the kids apologizing like little bee-yatches.  I immediately thought Budden pulled out a .22 and started lickng off shots inside their car.  However, as you can see in the third video, he had rocks in his hand and was tapping on the glass.

That’s insane on many levels. One, because Joe could have gotten shot and two because he made death threats on camera.  That’s never a good look.  This all goes to my first point at the beginning of this post: Joe is insane.  Anybody can get it and Budden is 100% right, this isn’t the internet…..although it is.

While I’m glad no one got hurt, a body was still caught.  Here is Joe’s 4th Drake diss track.  Maybe he will stop, but knowing Joe there are probably at least 2 more on deck ready to go.

And of course…The Memes!!

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