SOUTH PHILLY STAND UP! Beanie Sigel Talks About the Sucker Punch, Meek Mill Responds on Instagram & Puts Lil Uzi In the Beef (VIDEO)

VIDEO 2: The Full Taxstone Interview: Beans part starts at 24:30

After Meek heard the interviews, he posted the following on Instagram (and blocked the comments).  It’s basically a post of a text message that Beans sent him telling how he had Philly on his back.


This doesn’t do anything to discredit Beans.  At the time he sent this text a lot of that was true.  Things were all good just a Meek ago!

Now it appears he might have just started a war between Lil Uzi and Beans.  For those who don’t know what Lil Uzi is or looks like, this is what Beanie was referring to:




Personally, I don’t think a guy like Lil Uzi cares what anyone has to say.  He’s busy gettin’ paid!