A Day After She Slammed Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato Announces She’ll Be Taking 2017 Off For This Reason…

You see…this right here. This is why we don’t trust Demi Lovato. If you’ve been following our site this week, then you know Lovato had some fighting words for Taylor Swift in an interview with Glamour magazine. She basically said that Swift isn’t a real feminist and her ~squad~ is a joke.

And hey, we’re not disagreeing with that! But we know how Demi operates. When she puts out some controversial comments in an interview or on social media, the moment she takes some heat for them, she acts all shocked that people care what she thinks.

The former Disney star went on her Twitter account yesterday to talk about the comments she made in the interview, and then she announced that she was taking a break in 2017.




In her interview with Glamour, she acknowledged that she has a voice that is heard by millions… (READ MORE)