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YOU DID NOT TELL THE TRUTH! Meek Mill Arrested At Airport on Assault Charges. Listen to the Victim get Caught LYING!! (Video)

What is it with celebrities and airports this year?  First it was Louis Tomlinson, then big Faizon Love and now Meek Mill!

When the news first hit the internet we just knew that Meek was taken into custody and then shortly released.  All we had was a crappy video of Meek getting released at the airport and another Instagram photo basically saying that he was in Florida.

PHOTO: From Meek Mill’s Instagram shortly after the incident

Now the victim and his cousin are speaking out.


According to Justin Card, the guy you see with the busted lip (we are assuming his teeth were already like that), the incident actually happened the day before.  He said he asked Meek for a picture and Meek refused.  After there was a verbal exchange that resulted in them calling each other b-tches.

The next day Card alleges that Meek and his entourage actually came looking for him!

Card says that the following day, Meek saw Card and witnesses say they over heard Meek telling his security to go get him.  I find that hard to believe, but this is what he is saying.


The entire reason that Justin Card made this video for TMZ was to clarify that what he did was in self defense.  Somehow he manages to trip up over what is probably the real truth.  Watch!