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YOU DID NOT TELL THE TRUTH! Meek Mill Arrested At Airport on Assault Charges. Listen to the Victim get Caught LYING!! (Video)

Did you hear that?

CARD: I was at work, so I was just defending myself. You know what I’m saying.  I know he was finnin’ to punch me, so I swung first!  Because….how he…you can tell he was finnin to punch me.

TMZ: Did they throw the first punches.

CARD: Yeah, they was finnin to throw the first punch after that I just, …..They threw the first punch, after that it was just self-defense. 


This will be critical for Meek.  If there is no actual footage of the altercation, then this video could save Meek’s ass.  Don’t forget Meek is still on probation for his weapons and drug conviction.  This would be a probation violation and could possibly come with some jail time if he’s convicted.


Justin Card fell for the TMZ short money.  And in doing so, admitted that he threw the first punch.  If he would have gotten an attorney first, he would have never made that video, could have possibly sued Meek Mill for damages, loss wages and kept his job.  Oops.


I hope that TMZ money was worth it.