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Are Brad Pitt And Emily Ratajkowski Dating? Sources Say Rumors Are Definitely Maybe Possibly True!

For those who don’t know, model/actress Emily Ratajkowski filed for divorce from her estranged husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, earlier this month. The couple had been separated for a bit after rumors spread that Sebastian cheated on her.

We’re not exactly sure why a dude would cheat on Ratajkowski, but it happened, and now she has moved on… to Brad Pitt?

That’s right. Rumors have been spreading online, linking the 58-year-old actor with the 31-year-old model. Apparently, they have been spotted hanging out a few times in August and September, which has led some people to believe they are dating.

A source told OK! Magazine the following:

He asked her out, and she said yes. She’s always thought Brad was cute, and the way she saw it, what did she have to lose?

But a different insider told PageSix that while Emily and Brad have chilled together, they are not dating… at least not yet.

Brad is not dating anybody. They [Pitt and Ratajkowski] have been seen a couple times together. But he’s also been seen with other people.

The source added a mysterious “stay tuned,” so we’re not sure what to do with that. It certainly seems like there’s some smoke, but it’s too early to tell if we have a legit fire or not.

Imagine being nearly 60-years-old and still pulling dates with this…