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‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Chris Evans Has Himself A New Girlfriend, And Yes She’s Much Younger Than Him!

We told you earlier this week that Chris Evans was crowned 2022’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive‘ by PEOPLE Magazine. The 41-year-old actor seemed a bit embarrassed by the title, but did say his mother was going to be very proud.

Unfortunately for all you single ladies out there, Evans has himself a girlfriend. According to new reports, the Marvel actor is dating 25-year-old actress, Alba Baptista. The Portuguese actress speaks five languages and made her English-language debut in 2020 in the Netflix series, Warrior Nun.

And even though their relationship just went public, sources say they’ve actually been dating over a year, so things are fairly serious between them.

A source told People, “They are in love and Chris has never been happier. His family and friends all adore her.”

On Thursday (Nov 10) the couple was spotted out in public for the first time, taking a stroll through Central Park.

The incognito couple held on tightly to one another as they made their way through the crowded streets while wearing matching sunglasses and face masks.

At one point, it appears they noticed the cameras because they stopped holding hands and kept their heads down as they walked out of the park.

It’s not clear how the two stars met, but they’ve been following each other on Instagram for over a year, so it’s possible they first connected online.

Evans previously talked about wanting to start a family and become a father, so we’ll see if Alba is the one that finally settles him down. He previously dated Jenny Slate, Minka Kelly and Jessica Biel.