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The Jeremy Renner 911 Call Is Incredibly Difficult To Hear, Actor Moans In Pain After Being Crushed

Just a warning before you click on that play button, the audio is pretty graphic. You can hear Jeremy Renner moaning in pain in the background after getting crushed by a massive snowplow.

In the newly released audio, you can hear a neighbor talking to the 911 operator. He’s trying to remain calm, but you can hear in his voice that he’s super worried. He even suggests they may want to get a helicopter out there.

He revealed that Renner was losing a lot of blood and appeared to be slowly drifting off.

He got crushed up on his right side. His right chest and upper torso, his ribs, they look like they might be crushed. He’s got a head wound as well.

The way the neighbor describes the injuries to Renner’s chest makes it sound like they were pretty gruesome to see, almost as if he didn’t even want to look at them.

He also told the dispatcher that Renner’s breaths were getting shorter and begged for some help to come. The operator told him help was on the way, but she didn’t know how fast they could move due to all the snow on the mountain, which is probably why a helicopter ended up coming.

Nevada officials say Jeremy was helping a family member get their car out of heavy snow on New Year’s Day, with the actor stepping out of his snowplow to chat with the family member when the Snowcat started to roll. Officials say Jeremy tried to get back into the driver’s seat but was crushed by the 7-ton snowplow.

Thankfully, after spending some time in the ICU and getting several surgeries, the 52-year-old actor is recovering at home. It’s not clear when he’ll be able to return to acting, or what his body might look like now, but we’re sure more updates will come.

Until then, we continue to wish him all the best.