‘Good Morning America’ Officially Beats ‘Today’ After an 852 Week Run by NBC.

Wow, talk about rubbing it in.  There is nothing like a group photo with everyone flashing the number one sign posted to your Facebook page to say, “In Your Face!”

For the first time in 16 years.  That’s right, 16 years Good Morning America beat out the Today’s show in the rating race.  This comes on the back of Matt Lauer’s huge contract deal and rumors that Ann Curry’s job is in jeopardy over at NBC.


According to Nielson, Good Morning American beat ‘Today’ by just 31,000 viewers last week.  That is literally “nothing”.  I’m sure Nielson went through those number twice before posting the results. At first count it was unofficial with a margin of just 13,000.  Then this morning they officially released the number as 31,ooo.

The picture that is posted on Facebook says,

It’s official.  GMA was America’s most-watched show last week, all thanks to you, our viewers.  Thank you for sharing your mornings with us every day.”


It might be a fluke or the perfect storm.  Good Morning America (GMA) was put over the top after “The View’s” Sherri Shepherd was unexpectedly eliminated the night before from Dancing with the Stars.  Shepherd did not give any press interviews that night as she was extremely upset, so the audience was eager to hear what she had to say the next day.  Combine that with the fact that “Big Money” Matt Lauer was on vacation and you have the perfect storm.

ABC News President Ben Sherwood, took the victory with style and class.

“Of course, we congratulate our friends at ‘Today’ for the greatest winning streak in broadcasting history and for their excellence and leadership during this historic run,  It’s a special day for ABC News and, after a proper celebration 852 weeks in the making, we’ll get right back to work to be ready tomorrow to help ‘GMA’ viewers start their day with a rewarding experience and big picture understanding of the world.”

Let’s see if GMA can extend their streak to 2.

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